My top 10 things a wedding band must do to fill up the dance floor every time!

I've found that a lot of the focus is put solely on the songs when it comes to filling up the dance floor.... But the songs are only one piece of a well crafted jigsaw which fits together perfectly, when you have all the other important pieces to make the magic happen. After singing with my wedding band Cupids Wish for ten years, here's what I've learned is important for us to do for our couples and what you should ask of your wedding band too.


1. Night Fever, Night Feve-er-er

Your band should have enormous passion – so much so that it's as contagious as a fever and goes viral across the dance-floor! As well as that, a wedding band should have a WOW factor! Every couple who books live music deserves nothing less!


2. In the words of McFly 'It's all about you'

The music should excite people and bring them together in a way that makes everyone feel involved. The bands ability to interact with the audience in a personal, friendly and enthusiastic way will make couples and their guests feel like it's all about them and not the other way around – which is how it should be!


3. Intuition is a bands superpower!

It's important for the band to get the timing spot on when it comes to choosing which songs to play and when. A great wedding band won't stick to a rigid set list but instead read the room and mix up the songs as necessary, like a great DJ can. Excellent musicianship is important here but intuition is really what's needed and this comes largely with experience. So look for a band that's flexible, specialises in weddings and has played lots of them!


4. 'Simply the Best'

There's nothing more musically tragic than hearing distorted speakers trying to fill out a marquee or the music stabbing everyone's eardrums in a beautiful venue. Poor quality equipment can push people away from the dance floor instead of drawing them to it. Professional wedding bands will have invested heavily in their instruments and speakers and this is one of the factors that pushes the price up when hiring pro' musicians, but it really does make all the difference.


5. A premature performance can ruin the mood

The later the band starts, the better! Most bands play for 2 hours so if they start too early, the show's all over and done with just as people are really beginning to let their hair down! So we recommend 9pm to be a great time to fire up the band if the venue's curfew is at midnight. 

Our band by the way offers an extra early evening acoustic set to extend the amount of live performance time we give our couples and that usually begins at around 7.30pm. We find it works brilliantly at welcoming evening guests and is perfect for incorporating the first dance. This works well with photographers timings too and it's important to work as a team with other wedding suppliers..



6. Baby Bear's Porridge

If a band is too loud or too quiet, this will have an impact on the atmosphere. It's important for your band to get the volume just right – like Baby Bear's porridge - because it matters. Experience, great equipment and the bands respect and consideration is crucial to manage the sound in every venue.


7. 'Give me just a little more time!'

It's vital that your band sets aside enough time to set up and sound check before they fire up to achieve the best possible sound for you. Every venue has different acoustics and bands who work with microphones, instruments and speakers and promise they can set up in 30 minutes, really concern me. Even our two piece wedding band requires an hour and if we're given longer, even better!


8. To infinity - but not beyond!

Songs should be performed well enough to do them justice. Personally, I won't sing a song if I can't hit the notes or if the song doesn't work with my voice. I'm no Whitney Houston so I'd never dare attempt one of her ballads.

Good musicians usually push themselves to be the best they possibly can be but great musicians know never to go beyond what they're capable of, and that kind of restraint is what makes for an excellent performance.


9. One for the road

Sometimes we're generously invited to indulge in the free bar but professionals will want to be on the ball with their instruments and lyrics to do the best job they can. Pro' musicians will only drink water or soft drinks whilst they're playing and save having a well deserved drink until the end of the night.


10. 'Spice up your life'

And finally the songs! Variety is the spice of life and there's no truer word spoken when it comes to a wedding playlist. It's very on trend at the moment to choose a themed band with one style but in my experience, variety creates the best atmosphere at weddings because there's something for everyone. Wedding guests wonderfully come in all ages and love to hear songs from their era.

And who doesn't want to hear an oldie they love followed by an 80's classic - followed by a Motown favourite - followed by a rock song - a bit of Northern Soul - an Indie anthem – some RnB – a disco number and so on! It's what makes the mood so vibrant, exciting and most of all, memorable!



When live music is well delivered, the atmosphere is second to none! So it's worth investing your time into finding something special.


So how do you find these professional wedding bands?


Well hello there! We're one of them! Haha! And there are lots more too of course. Personal recommendations are a wonderful way to be introduced but if you haven't one of those, not to worry! Bands can be found online and at wedding fairs. Call and speak directly to the ones you're interested in and ask them how are they going to fill up your dance floor and wow everyone. Don't be afraid to ask questions based around my top ten tips. Bands who care about their couples will be more than happy to answer and no question is ever too silly. Also, watch videos of the band performing live not just their studio showreels and ultimately, go with your gut! I'm a really great believer in that!

I hope you've found this information useful and if you have any questions or would like to know more about my own band Cupids Wish, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm here to help!


Love Georgia x

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