We like to share moments captured on personal cameras, mobiles and by wedding videographers instead of studio produced showreels...

Although the mics don't pick up the great quality of our sound, we think you'd rather see us at real weddings & hear us without studio enhanced overdubs and autotune.


Michael never fails to light up a room with his guitar that stuns those who love guitar solos and even those who've never noticed them before!

Chloe and Ben's wonderful wedding and a popular end of night request. The only one Georgia performs unaccompanied by Michael.

Holly and Dorian asked us to perform How Long Will I Love You at their beautiful wedding venue, Wiston House.

A perfect instrumental piece for our lovely bride, Celia. 

Rehearsing with the giggles and the lights out..... thinking it would help!?!?! 

Our family play together for fun these days and sometimes at public events to raise money for causes close to our hearts. 

We were asked to play for Donny Osmond on the One Show because we have a family band and apparently, it's quite rare... Especially as there are 8 of us and still growing! We were meant to perform on the One Show with more instruments but there was an eleventh hour change of plan because Donny asked to sing songs from his new album. So they asked us to sing with just a few acoustic instruments instead, and this is how it went! The show kindly paid tribute to our late parents which meant the absolute world to us! Donny was gorgeous to us and invited our family back stage after the show for champagne! He sang a little duet with me (Georgia) which was totally surreal and later that week, sent our family flowers to thank us for singing his song. What a gentleman! Thank you One Show and Donny for the lovely experience and everlasting memory!

Our promo video which has been put together using clips of special moments kindly given to us by our happy couples.