Songs that'll always be on trend when it comes to your wedding party playlist


Music trends come and go and whilst everyone talks about what's hot and what's not for 2018 & 2019 weddings, I offer my advice on the songs that always make for a packed and excited dancefloor!  

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There's something I've experienced time and time again over the past 10 years when singing at weddings that warms my heart so much, I can actually feel myself glow!




I'm talking about catching the cool guy leaning against the bar at the beginning of the night, rolling his eyes when he hears us play an early evening number like 'Brown Eyed Girl' and I see the disappointment written all over his face! “Give me some Drake, not this old rubbish!” I can almost hear his inner voice yelling at us!

Obviously that's not what makes my heart glow but what absolutely does, is seeing him half an hour later with his jacket off, shirt hanging out and swirling around the dance floor on his back, playing air-guitar to 'Living on a Prayer!' 



This is the same guy that doesn't leave the dance floor all night and hugs and squeezes us and everybody else because he's buzzing and having the time of his life! He's the one who surprises his friends and family with his never seen before dance moves - not least himself. And it's not just down to the alcohol! It's down to the emotion of the day coupled with the power of live music and the right songs, which magically break down the barriers of self-consciousness and awaken every happy fibre of his being. This is even the guy who books us for his own wedding!


- To cheese, or not to cheese, that is the question -


When there's awesome live music, the stage and dance floor becomes a magnet and people are quickly drawn together. There's an energy, a buzz, a fuzzy feeling that's electrifying, magical and second to none.

Jason dancing with his groomsmen

Weddings in my experience are one of the only times where you see people really letting themselves go on the dance floor - especially when there's a relaxed atmosphere and the music is well delivered, fun and unpretentious. It's the part of the day where everyone can be involved - and when people are involved, they remember how it makes them feel - and the feels are the stuff that memories are made of.

Sometimes our band's told "please don't play any cheese!" and that's a tough one for us because we know that missing it out doesn't make for the same balmy, fun n crazy atmosphere! We've discovered that if you want your guests to let their hair down and have a fun time – play some cheese! I'm telling you, it's the secret to a happy dance floor!

What goes well with wine? CHEESE!

What goes well with wine? CHEESE!

The good news for couples who've booked Cupids Wish is that our cheese is of the cool variety! Our song list includes cheddar such as Footloose, 9 to 5, Summer of '69, Time of my Life and 500 Miles.



These cheesy numbers never fail to fasten friends and family together with arms wrapped around each other and singing their heads off like a scene out of Love Actually. These may not be the songs you have on your iPod but somehow at weddings and always without fail, they come into their own and become everyones latest favourite! Until we play the next one that is!

Sure when we play the latest chart hits, massive indie anthems and R&B - everyone loves those and there's no denying that…


Take That’s ‘ NEVER FORGET” at the end of the night always goes down a storm!

Take That’s ‘NEVER FORGET” at the end of the night always goes down a storm!


But having a huge mixture of genres that includes a chunk of cheese is what makes for a memorable night and ensures everyone goes home with a great big smile, a husky voice and very sore feet! 

See you on the dance-floor!

Love Georgia x

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Thank you for your brilliant variety of music at our wedding Cupids Wish. We saw people dancing we’d never seen dance before!
— Jason. Groom