Simon Cowell
I’d like to have your band on board! I’ve been waiting years for a family band like yours to come along… I’m extremely taken with you!
— Simon Cowell.

Apparently, it's quite rare to have so many members of the same family play instruments and sing, and Simon was very interested in our family band who at the time (in 2014/2015) were playing with Michael and me (Georgia) at some weddings. In fact, Simon got in touch several times over the phone to try and persuade us to take part in his shows and asked us to meet up with his entertainment company, Syco.

We didn't take Simon up on his very generous offer but it was such a phenomenal compliment to be wanted by him and have interest from Sony Music also. Some say we're crazy to turn down the three S's - Simon, Syco and Sony - but for our family, it was the right decision. And nothing's more rewarding than being able to make music together as a family or making a couple's wedding day and that's a fact!

There's more about why we chose not to follow the limelight over on our blog if you'd like to read our story.

Georgia x