Our wish is to offer you first class live music, the WOW factor and an everlasting memory at an affordable price!



Our prices are for our two piece band but if you'd like us to perform with a bigger band, it may be possible depending on the availability of the musicians we work with. Their fees will be between £325.00 - £400.00 per musician, depending on when and where the event is.

Please be assured though, that our two piece fills up the dance-floor and wows guests in exactly the same way as when we have a stage full of musicians! That's because it's our ambition to exceed your expectations and not your budget!


Michael plays multiple instruments and spends countless hours in the music studio producing custom tracks for us to sing and play guitar to. His time isn't something we pass on in our fee - it's all done as a labour of love! With the help of a family member who's an outstanding drummer, they record with live instruments to give our two piece a dynamic full band sound which sounds worlds apart from purchased backing tracks.

Performing with beautifully produced backing tracks is something many famous artists currently do, and being able to play instruments and sing to customised tracks is a skill we've worked really hard to perfect.


Cupids Wish two piece playing live

No studio enhanced overdubs or autotune... just raw, live music recorded on mobile phones, personal cameras or captured by wedding videographers.




Our free DJ service included in the gold and diamond packages, is a great way to save you even more money. We're not professionally kitted out DJ's but we've thousands of songs plus mixing software on our laptop, to save you hiring the additional services of a DJ. It always works brilliantly at keeping the dance floor going, especially because we have years of experience playing weddings. Without wishing to sound like we're bragging, we must tell you that we have a natural flair for playing the right songs at the right time, which is so important to get right! Oh! And we can take requests too!


We learn your first dance included in our Diamond package. It takes us a minimum of 10 hours to learn and rehearse a brand new song although many songs can take much longer. No matter how long it takes us to get it perfect for you though, we won't charge any more. We require 6 weeks notice please to arrange and learn your song please.


We have a beautiful repertoire of acoustic songs which work perfectly at the beginning of the evening. The songs are stripped back acoustic versions of well known and very loved songs from all decades and genres. Some are mellow and romantic, others are upbeat and fun loving! 

We use the same amplification (microphones, speakers etc) in our early evening acoustic set as we do for our floor-filler sets, and so we'll only be able to perform our acoustic show in the same place as where we'll be set up for the whole evening.



  • If you would like to book, we kindly request a 25% deposit to secure the date please.

  • Booking with us directly doesn't incur agency fees.

  • We never make requests for food and drink which is usually a standard requirement of most professional bands. We don't want to put you to any trouble or added expense.

  • Travel expenses are included throughout the whole of East Anglia. For other regions, please let us know where you are and we will let you know how much it will cost to come to your venue.

  • We politely ask to arrive and set up at 6pm to be ready for a 7.30pm start please. If you'd like us to arrive earlier to set up or provide music before 7.30pm, please send us your timings and we'll let you know of any additional cost. Thank you.

  • We are unable to negotiate our prices because we're already offering the best price we possibly can and most importantly, we charge everyone the same because we like to be fair to all the lovely people who hire us.

  • We can play in marquees, tipis and in open spaces too as long as we have a flat dry surface, a safe electricity supply and adequate shelter please. We are unable to set up and play directly on grass/rough ground unless it’s a seated acoustic performance, in which case we would need to lay tarpaulin beneath us. Unfortunately, our public liability insurance and musical equipment is not valid unless we meet the insurers outdoor safety requirements. If you have any questions about us playing outside, please drop us a line or give us a call.


If you'd like to find out exactly what you're paying for when you hire a professional wedding band like ours, please head over to our Cupids Wish Wedding Blog where Georgia offers lots of tips and advice when booking live entertainment.




We're able to offer a 20% discount between Mondays & Thursdays on our packages.




"We weren't expecting Georgia and Michael to be great DJ's as well as an amazing band! We were just expecting them to play music in between sets but their attention to the dance floor was constant. They did everything they possibly could to meet everyone's requests and you could see how much they cared about us all having an amazing time!

- Lola and Daniel