Nicky Hatch who is a top events manager for luxury events throughout Europe, wrote an article about us following a lovely chance encounter with her at the RSVP exhibition in London. Nicky generously wrote about how we create our sound and explained it so beautifully, that we asked her could we share the article on our website and she kindly said yes!

Thanks Nicky!



I was fortunate to meet Cupids Wish at the RSVP International-Confex Exhibition and was curious to find out how they achieved such a superb sound as a two piece band. I'd heard other duos before but these guys were in a class of their own. The duo, Michael and Georgia are in fact a couple themselves and have an extraordinary chemistry between them.

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Michael who sings and plays guitar also plays a host of other instruments and spends hours endlessly crafting bespoke tracks in the recording studio with the help of Georgia's musical family, to be able to deliver a brilliant full band sound. Their humble ambition is to make great quality live music affordable and more accessible for couples getting married.

Georgia told me, "As band manager and lead singer of a five piece for a number of years, there were so many times that couples getting married couldn't afford to hire us because professional wedding bands are so horribly expensive to run and the fee to cover our costs - plus 5 musicians wages, was out of reach for a lot of people. Even though we were constantly booked up, Michael and I wanted to be accessible to whoever wanted to book us. We wanted to give more couples great quality live music, without it eating into their wedding budgets. So we put in hours of hard work in our home studio creating tracks for us to sing and play guitar to. We think people are possibly impressed with our sound because the music is created by musicians with instruments in the studio, rather than on computer software (as most backing tracks are) and this gives us a much more dynamic sound. We sometimes need to purchase pre made tracks for an eleventh hour song request or if someone has made a brilliant track we can use but 90% of our music is created for us, by Michael and some of my family who are also amazing musicians." 

Michael added, "There are practical benefits being a two piece band as well because we're able to play in smaller spaces and this was another problem facing some of our clients who'd hired intimate venues and didn't have enough room for a live band."


" Even if planning an event with an unlimited budget and space, this affordable two piece are a really strong contender because they rival far bigger bands, who often lack the rare and gifted ability to truly 'entertain' "

-  Nicky Hatch


Obviously I'm a lover of live music and above all a good band but must shamefully admit, I only ever latch on to the singer(s) and maybe sometimes a stand out instrumentalist in the group. With Cupids Wish, I had everything going on to woo me (and I'm pretty hard to please being a critical musician myself!) I was impressed with their sound though, their voices sublimely blending together and Michael's guitar magic but it was their genuine consideration to supply excellent live music without breaking their clients bank accounts that warmly stirred me, and why I felt compelled to feature them in our Best of brochure.

Cupids Wish really were one of the stand out entertainment services at the exhibition for me because not only did they strike me as a brilliant band, but their talent and charismatic stage presence made me think that even if planning an event with an unlimited budget, this affordable two piece are a really strong contender because they rival far bigger bands, who often lack the gifted ability to truly 'entertain!'

  Nicky Hatch


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