Do you need urgent | emergency music from a wedding band, musician or DJ?

Fingers with bride and groom and sad faces!

Have you left it to the very last minute to find a musician, band or DJ? Or have you been sorely let down and need music at the 11th hour?



We will do all we can to either come to your rescue or help you find musicians, a wedding band or DJ who can.


We’re based in East Anglia and so if you need same day emergency music within this region and we’re free, we’ll hopefully be able to get to you. If we already have an engagement ourselves, we’ll ask other musicians or agents if they are free to help you, as you continue to search too. If the event is within a few days or weeks, we’ll hopefully be able to find you someone who can provide you with music.


In the 10 years our band Cupids Wish have been playing weddings, we've had a number of desperate calls asking us to play on a couples wedding day and in most cases, it's because the musicians or DJ's didn't have the relevant paperwork required to play in certain venues when they arrived.

Sadly we can't be in two places at once so if we're already booked, we won't be able to play for you ourselves but - we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and contacts and we can hopefully put you in touch with someone if you become unstuck. We don't charge or take commission from the people we put you in touch with - we do it just because we want to make sure you have music for your big day and we ask for nothing in return.

It may be difficult to help on the day itself but if your wedding is local and we’re free, we will do our very best to be there for you.

We're passionate about music, weddings and people having the great time they deserve to have, so this is why we are reaching out.

Call or text us on 07786 834567 and we'll do our utmost to help.

Love Cupids Wish. x