Help! We Don't Want A First Dance!

Help! We don't want a first dance!


Whilst some couples can't wait to take it away on the dance-floor, others dread the first dance and ask me as the person who takes care of the music “can we skip it?”

Couples have shared with me reasons such as, “it's just not us” - “we're too shy!” or "we can't dance!" and no one will empathise with you more than me! I may stand on stage week after week singing to hundreds of people but believe it or not, I'm shy too when it comes to lots of things and the thought of everyone watching Michael and me in the middle of the dance-floor, makes my knees knock! But then I'd have to remind myself what I see week after week when I'm singing first dances with the best view in the house, and it's something truly gorgeous!

I see couples holding on tightly to each other in the company of their most favourite people in the whole wide world, who are gushing with love and happiness for their couple . 

I watch couples who've told me they were dreading the moment, completely embrace it and be surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable it was than they ever imagined it would be.

I'd also reassure myself that at nearly all the weddings I've been a part of, most couples simply shuffle and sway! No one needs to be able to dance, or even be in time! 


Portia and Ore Oduba. Photo Credit - Katie Ingram.

Portia and Ore Oduba. Photo Credit - Katie Ingram.


I've had the privilege of singing the first dance for one of the most incredible dancers I've ever seen - Ore Oduba, who won Strictly Come Dancing. He and his lovely wife Portia have made it no secret that they too just shuffled and swayed.

When asked about their first dance, Portia said in an interview with Hello magazine:

'Everyone says, 'Your wedding dance must have been amazing.' But it was just a little dance. 

'Ore whispered, "Shall I lift you up?" and I said "No" while smiling through my teeth.' 




Your rendition of our first dance brought me to tears.
— Ore Oduba


Of course it's your wedding and entirely up to you whether you have a first dance or not, but (sorry there's a but) I must share this with you guys.... There'll nearly always be a guest or two who'll have the best intentions in the world of lovingly smuggling you onto the dance-floor to have a newly-wed smooch, unaware that it isn't part of the plan and you're avoiding it.


Lisa and Luke. I just love the tip toes!

With this in mind, I always suggest that my couples have a song up their sleeves, juuuust in case they're put on the spot. Family and friends in their desire to help may affectionally beckon you onto the dance-floor and choose a song for you, that's just not you! So have one at the ready and let your band or DJ know in advance, in case you need saving. Weddings should be a reflection of a couple's personality and if you happen to find yourselves having an unplanned first dance, at least it'll be easier and more meaningful if it's a song that's special to you. And hey, who knows? You may even enjoy it? (I bet you do!)



I've never seen any of my brides or grooms not enjoy their first dance and we can always help you out by asking everyone to join in with you on the dance floor sooner rather than later.

I remember one of our lovely grooms telling me before his wedding that he was dreading the first dance because he suffered with severe anxiety. It made me feel so sad and I couldn't help but feel nervous for him as he took to the dance floor. My tummy was somersaulting! But then he and his husband shared an incredible moment together and this is what he told me afterwards:

I don’t know what I was getting so worked up about Georgia! I loved every second and wish we could do it again. The first dance will definitely go down as one of the highlights of the day for us!
— My lovely grooms!


If you'd like to ask me about first dances or there's anything else I can help you with from my experience of playing at weddings, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

Love Georgia x


Some of our gorgeous couples having their first dances as brand new newlyweds! Two of these couples were scared stiff but said afterwards how much they loved every second of their first dance together!